Because it hurts

I would lie if I say that my past doesn't influence the perception that I have today. I was once a very cheery person, not having to worry about what the future brings, an optimistic young girl. I've always questioned people what made them to change. Now I know the answer. Time does. 

Now I'm very much an impatient person, which I've always avoided myself to be. Feel contempt most of the time. If I was the sky, I would be gloomy. No, this is not the change I've been longing to have, it's that process everyone goes through to find what they're truly made up of. Who they truly are.

I won't settle for this. I'm fighting back, but I feel like my skin isn't as thick as it used to be. Now it's breaking 'cause the scars and bruises are never-ending. Yes, that's what I get for being nice to everyone. 

Let's see how long I'll survive through all this.
Keep the faith, although it's so hard to do so

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Andre said...

The only change that you need to do is the change that will protect you from being hurt. Being selfish sometimes safe you from a bigger blow. Being nice is not a bad thing, but be extremely careful. You have to fight em back ^^