'Cause if you go, I'll go...

Idk about you guys, but I feel that the Earth has been really REALLY hot these days. Not that it's a good thing, nooooo, not at all. 

Waking up, I really felt like these unreal days are just way too fast. I have to keep up! Oi'h. 
My appetite has been anything but right these days, I can't eat at the proper time, and when it's time for me to eat, it's uncontrollable! Strangely enough, I lost a lot of weight. Ugh. 
No fro-yo's this week!



I'm overly excited about some stuffs, although those are just somewhat bizarre, but I'm really looking forward to it! I bet it'll be fun! Not to mention, life changing.

Speaking of life-changing-fun stuffs, I print-screen(ed) this amazing fella from YouTube, if you haven't seen him, then psssh... Your loss :p 
He has this cute smile (and dimples!) and also have this signature goodbye wave before he finishes his amazing video of himself singing. Yes, he sings; To top all of the goodies he has including the ability to play guitar (with highly undisputed talent!). 
Be ready to see a whole lot of him in the future! I PRAY TO GOD I WOULD! 

Keep the faith!!

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