The curiosity of those people!

What is it about my life that interests you so much? I'm still in shock on how some people BARELY even know me and still, have a little something to say about me. I mean, get real, people, you don't even know me. It's crazy how updated they are about my life, like things I kept private like who my crushes are, and what I'm talking about with my best friends. It's getting pretty creepy now :\ Anyways, it's June, holiday season is here. People from abroad just keep coming back to Indonesia! Yeayness :) Hopefully it would be one interesting holiday because I'll be here in Indo all season long, although I'm in desperate need of a getaway! 

Okay so, I don't know why but Italy has been on my mind since day 1 of holiday! I've been wanting to go because the food there are just delightful and the people there are oh so very friendly :) Plus the travel guide shows have been showing the beautiful views of Italy and the popular destinations in Italy, too!! Just made it harder for me to get it off my mind :( 

The 5 things I want to do in Italy are:

1. Gondola ride in beautiful Venice!!!

2. See Galleries, Museums, and Operas!
Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Vatican Museum

Opera in Verona

3. Eat Pizza in Naples, and have 2 scoops of Gelato daily ;)


4. Sunbathe in beautiful Sardinia :D
5. Last, but not least, what's a trip to Italy without seeing these 3?
Be a Caesar for a day, walk in the Colosseum!

Experience the Amazing Pisa Tower

Wish your journey to never end in the famous Trevi Fountain

I shouldn't include this one on my 5 to-do-list, because this one is A MUST! What other thing to do on your holiday but... SHOPPING! ;)
Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Chanel stores in Milan, Italy
The Fabulous Fashion Capitale of the World! :)

One last glance of the beautiful Italy. Please take me there, I'd marry you!!!
... Okay, maybe not ...

... you like gummy bears?????
:) :) :) :) :)

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Andre said...

do you mean it's me who made you feel creepy ;p??

I like Italy... Rome is very old, and felt like a Roman when I was there, Venice is so unique, Milan is so much about fashion and fashion and fashion. But I love Paris, felt in love with the city on the first sight and always every year come back to the city ;p, anyway gelato in Rome, indeed the best ^^.

Nadia Juliana said...

Heyyy thank you for commenting, Andre! :) But uhhhhh sorry, I don't know which Andre are you hahahaha! :p I just like European countries, Paris is beautiful, I can tell. But there's just something about Italy that really captured me :p Ciao!