Here's my promise!(:

Well I promise to keep an update tonight, I will. Well it's 12:06 in the morning and I just got back somewhere, but quickie updates:

- Happy that I've succeeded to be a full-time vegan. Although I haven't let fish go. How can I when sushi is THAT good :(

- Current addiction I can't get rid off-- FROZEN YOGHURTS!!! Healthy for the body, not really healthy for my money :p

- I am obsessed with tweeting. Like when I don't tweet for a day, I'll feel very much weird.

- Still am excited about a whole other stuffs!!! Just can't tell ya now ;)

Well things have been a roller coaster, as they've always had. But I'm just trying to keep my cool, not to lose myself, not to fall apart. Prayers always!!! :)


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