The horror.....

Today didn't go as well as I would've expected it to be... 

Well you know what they say, "There's always tomorrow...
I was reminded by the lesson of when you least expect things to happen, that's when it will actually happen.

I went to the Mall, and I met a friend's friend of mine, and I met him like a few months ago or so, and so I saw him, and what made me remembered him was because I was wearing the same shirt I wore when I met him! So I ran like the wind! Nyahahaha :p I just can't bear the embarrassment! 
And P.S: He's very cute :p 

And I tried calling my brother to pick me up, but his cell was unreachable, so I called Mom, and what I didn't know was actually my Mom was NOT at home, and I told Mom to tell my brother to pick me up, and all Mom said was, "Ok, ok..." so I assume that she would tell my brother would pick me up. I waited for 30 minutes outside and my cell went dead (I seriously felt like screaming), so I went to the wartel (I don't know what it's called in English- it's sort of like this phone booth), I called my brother, and kinda went bananas because I was tired, and I was pissed at the same time. My brother (poor guy) picked me up and sort of not knowing why I was so furious, asked me what's wrong and I went babbling like a mad baboon. 

I reached home, tired, felt like getting something to drink. So I took my glass, poured some water, and drink it like a fugitive who just made it out of a deadly jungle. And then, I realized something stupid happened. 
I was chewing gum. 
So I swallowed the friggin gum and felt quite scared afterwards. But then I took a bath and went online and someone told me, "No worries, I did that thousands of times. You don't need to worry." 

Yes, the kind of calming advice I need after this agitated day. 
I seriously wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't because of you :)
Well, I hope tomorrow would be the exact opposite, hoping to finally receive good news I've been wishing to hear. 

Keep the faith

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Andre said...

so what actually made you left the mall earlier than you expected??is it because that cute guy ;p???

anyway, had the same problem, I just returned landed in amsterdam, my mobile went off, my atm got no cash init, can't use my credit card cause I need pincode to use it (never need a pin in Jakarta, but strange enough need it here, and seumur2 gak pernah tau)...Negotiate with the train officer to let me travel first and pay tomorrow, 30 minutes begging and she allowed me to take the train in the end ;p

Nadia Juliana said...

Nooooo :p I met this guy when I was heading home :)
This guy was sooo metrosexual though, kind of a big turn down, since he's way more fashionable than I am hahahahah

Aww that's an interesting experience since you're not in your own country and having to 'ask' the train officer for a "free ride!" :p

Thanks for commenting :) :) :) I'll talk to you soon on MSN :D