In the pain, there is healing..

There has been this rash that has been eating my upper lip alive, so to speak, which was caused by this petroleum jelly that was supposed to keep my lips moist. Didn't really know how it happen, but I'm guessing it's because it was expired (well I don't know if jelly expires, it must have somehow turned bad) and turned my upper lip very red and sort of turned into this rash. It can be itchy sometimes, and also the surface of my upper lip turned very rough. People who have been around me, my family and friends know that it has been around for some time. Or if you have such good pair of eyes, you would've noticed from my pictures!

Yeay-yuh ;) 

The funny thing is, I was told that I suppose to put aloe vera on my upper lip (this was before I found this magical gel! :p), and so I put aloe vera on my upper lip, but all I get was Charlie Chaplin look and it did not heal. Just made it itchier. I thought it was like this healing process, but it made it sort of red-er. So, I prayed to make the Doctor of all Doctors heal me, because I rarely take any medications even if it's like a headache, or a bad cold. 

My brother laughed at me all day long :(
So much for the 'natural treatment!'

So, the next morning I thought to myself, "Man, this rash has got to stop, but I don't want to go to a doctor just because of a ridiculous rash. So what should I do?" and that something pops in my mind! Why don't I go to a pharmacy or a drugstore and ask some sort of ointment or gel that is specialized for any kinds of rash! I know, I can figure things out but need a very looooong time :p I thought, "Oh, those kind of things can be expensive, maybe 50k ++" But the drugstore lady gave me this gel slash ointment and it is VERY GOOD 'cause it doesn't make it itch, it smells sooooo darn good, and is very soft to the skin, and best, it costs 8k Rupiah! Wahahahahaa :) 
So yes, in the pain, there will be healing! Although they don't always come cheap, let's just say I'm always lucky ;) 

Or make that, very blessed :)
Still, moment of truth, I'm waiting, but at the verge of breaking down. 
Keep the faith! 

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