The journey of a thousand miles...

...begins with a single step

It was like any other day. The weather was okay, not too shabby, but not too clear either. Looking out on the road all I can see is big banners of the presidential parties, advertising themselves, what they have to offer to this country in the future. 

So I've been thinking, we can never know, what lies ahead. You'll see something, an opportunity, and your heart tells you to go for it, there's nothing wrong with chasing it, right? 

I'm chasing every opportunities-- one dream at a time, but why do I feel like everything is falling apart? Maybe this wasn't meant to be, maybe it wasn't meant for me, but why am I disappointed and hurt about it? But I guess it's better than left wondering. 

Something bigger, Nad, waaay bigger. Hold your head high :) 

On the other hand, I'm happy that E! News stated that the color of the month is WHITE. Random, I guess, but I'm flattered that they thought the exact same thing as I did, since I wrote about wearing white colors this month just a few days ago. I guess great minds think alike ;)

Keep the faith ;)

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