Modern minds...

Am I a little bit behind in this blogging industry or are fashion blogs really in nowadays?

Well I'm guessing I'm a little bit behind :p

I miss blogging, ever so much. I just miss writing all sorts of nonsense adding to this important cyberspace world. Since we're talking about the internet, let's see how well it has been expanded to its abilities.

YouTube : Well you must've been living in a cave if you don't know what YouTube is. Or what it is for. It's for infamous people in the hopes of being famous making somewhat cheesy videos for the public to see. In some cases, some people are highly recommended for their talents! Gabe Bondoc (Fave fave fave!!!), Aidan Davis, and Alyssa Bernal, to name a few.

Twitter : Basically just letting everybody knows what the heck you are doing or where in the world you are now. From pooping in the toilet, to bumping out to a celebrity at the mall, you technically show the whole world your personal life. That is, if you're using your real name. Impostors should really need to get a life. Enough said :) 

deviantART : A website dedicated to showcase your artsy side. Whether it's a drawing or a very beautiful photograph, you'll get to show 'em all here! I find this website very useful though, it connects talented people to other talented people in the other side of the universe to display your creations. I found every 'artist' in this website different and unique. Unless, those numerous copycats that have identity crisis of course. : This is one interesting website. It's a very fashion-ey website, filling up to each and every bit of your fashion appetite. Mixing and matching every inch of your outfit, from head to toe. Inspirations always come from those with imaginations, they show their DIY creations, not necessarily with labels. Not to forget, good looking models involved :) 

Well I want to talk about the internet some more but I have to go now!! Take care peeps :)
Have a wonderful weekend as I know I will :)

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