On a beautiful Saturday morning :)


I had trouble sleeping last night and continuously woke up every 1 friggin hour. So I decided to text 'the (so called) coolest person on Earth' and said that I can't sleep. The only advice this person came up with was, "Try closing your eyes and don't move!" 
Sure... Like that's going to help! :p 
So I listened to some music and thank God, it really helped me to go back to bed! 
Yesterday someone blew off his promise to meet up with me, kinda bummed, but oh well, it was kind of expected from someone like him. 

Today's a new day, people! 

Got the pictures from last Karaoke trip, actually other than pictures, I have a video but don't think will be posting it here LOL :) 

Grace, Flore, Vina and Me

Top (Left to Right): Priska, Genevie, Grace, Flore, Vina
Bottom: Vania and Me

The crazy bunch :)

Busy taking pictures while others are singing LOL

Umm, I forgot what we were singing...

Before going homeeeee :)

There are some boys too, but since they're 'camera shy' and since us girls are such 'camwhores', we ended up with appearing on each and every pictures! :) 
And the brown oversized T-shirt made me look huge!! Well doesn't matter :) 
That is all for the quickie update :D
Keep the faith, people! 

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