Past that phase...

Life is not always about the money and the fame, the boots and the coats, the premieres and the parties. Life is beyond that; far beyond that. Its meaning and its moral are relevant. But you can't just google 'life,' because the answer is not found on some search engine, you have to find it out yourself. 

I've past that childish phase, and I find that life's about evolving. So where is really the focal point of life? The happiest place you felt you are, there's where your center of interest come knocking. To be very honest, I haven't found that place, and I'm hoping I will find it soon. 

The shallow thought want to be famous, but to share what you've got to the world without taking anything back, that's integrity. Every desire leads to determinations and with a whole lot of will, you'll get very far! 

Feeling pretty artsy, I'd say? Na'ah, just a little sumn sumn I have been thinking about. 
Okay, so, this week. Moment of truth. Oh, God, let me be thankful for whatever is coming, I know my future's in gooooooooood haaaaaaaaaands :) :) :)


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