See where we can be if we press fast forward ;)

I hate it when I have an idea and think to myself "Okay, I don't have to write it down, it'll come back to me again when I want to do something about it," and kinda lost it when I wanna do something about it. 

Blame it on the a, e, a, e, alcohol. Blame it on the a, e, a, e, alcohol. 
Hey, for those of you who don't know, I was singing :p 

I've been thinking. The visitor box, that counts how many times people visit my blog, have been adding up, and I don't check my blog that often, unless I want to write something, so it's impossible to add up just because me myself pass by. So if anyone happens to pass by, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Some comments or try talking to me through the chat box wouldn't hurt, you know :) 

I just want to get this week over with, go through the whole 'waiting pain,' and just know the truth! FAST FORWARD PLEASE!!! :( 

There has been some stranger that has been calling me these past few nights! It's been getting on my nerves. 'Cause he calls at like 1 a.m, 4 a.m, or 6 a.m in the morning, who just want me to pick up, because this stranger doesn't have anything better to do, so he decided to ruin my beauty sleep! Ahhh! 

And anyways, it's hard to tell who's fake and real these days, but it's about trusting your gut and don't give a darn what other people think. Yeah! ;)

--Hugs & Kisses

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