You're my Queen, with a capital 'Q'

Help! I'm on my lovey dovey mood and no one to talk to :| 
Maybe because I'm listening to "Love In This Club" by Usher and Young Jeezy and it's turning me on :) No, not like you guys picture it. Just the feeling of missing the love I used to get from a certain someone. Just because I've never been in a relationship, doesn't mean I haven't been in love. Wanting to call him at night just to soothe me, or maybe to listen to one song and remember the exact same time and place where I'm with him and make me smile. Okay, now I'm doing it. 

I don't know what's physically, mentally and emotionally wrong with me. I just haven't found the guy who made me go "He's my Mr. Right." Many people say that I'm picky, but that's anything but correct. If you say that in a sense of I don't date jerks, then so be it, I'm picky. The right guys that have been around turned out to just becoming very wrong! I guess I've been in love with the wrong people with all the right reasons. I just don't want to date a guy for the sake of being seen that I'm dating a guy, you know. But what I just found out is that, every guy that has been close to me, had to leave abroad! Does that mean a "long distance relationship" is on sight? I guess I'll never know. Maybe it's good, referring that means not so many drama involved, or maybe... because of the distance, it just made it harder to make things work? Na'h, I think there's a solution to every problem. I know, I talk to myself in my mind a lot. That's what made me know more about me, as strange as that seems, it's true-- at least that's what I feel. But yeah, I want a guy who wants to commit, not just to play games. I may be young, but the relationship I picture is anything but with a guy who's immature. It's true, age is nothing but a number ;) 

Manliness is not weigh on how brave a guy is, when he asks a girl out, or when he asks a girl to be his girlfriend, but it's weigh on how afraid he is-- when it comes to breaking a girl's heart- Nadia Juliana


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Andre said...

I read keep the faith alive many times today ;p ...

so I have to say


Cheers ;p