Be careful what you wish for

My head can be pretty stuffed up. The weirdest thing happened. I was just thinking to myself "Been a while since I last got sick", and guess what, I got sick yesterday; caught a flu. But I've recovered, and now I'm feeling much better, just had to sleep early and eat some medicine :)

I was thinking about posting about the awards I watched a few days ago-- the BET. Before I do that, I wanna say RIP Michael Jackson. Farah Fawcett also died on the same day. I know I'm kinda late, but I just wanna say my condolences to them. And props to the BET people who put together such an amazing show, I was astounded by the fact that they did that in such little time. So, if you guys don't know this, the death of Michael Jackson was just 3 or 4 days before the BET 2009, and at that very little time, they manage to change gears and make the whole award show to become a tribute to Michael Jackson. From the performances, to the special contributions they did were amazing. Here are the list of the top 3 performances I liked that night: 

3. Ciara- Heal The World

Her light voice, and the piano just adds to the nice performance she brought that night. Touching :) Although some people prefer Alicia Keys or Beyonce to sing this, but I think she did just fine :D

2. Beyonce- Ave Maria

You might not 'feel' this performance as I did when I saw this on TV, but if you see her performance on TV, one word-- GOOSEBUMPS. I love the costume that was 'put' on her :)

1. Jamie Foxx ft. Ne-Yo- I'll Be There

Sorry, but I can't find the video of their performance, so you can see the pictures of their performance and the most important thing, their voices; on this video. Pitchy on some of the notes, but all in all, still a very great video to end the night. Oh and it's the first time I saw Ne-Yo without his hat on. Haha :) Gotta love this guy.

I hope you enjoy the performances as much as I do :) 
Keep the Faith!

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