Told 'ya it was worth the wait :)

After waiting for so long (make that a week and 2 days since it's first released), and going through people's comments for haven't being able to see THE most anticipated movie of the year, TRANSFORMERS 2, I have finally seen the movie and trust me, satisfied is such an understatement. 

Where do I even begin to describe the movie. EPIC! 
Don't even start with the effects. Gotta hand it to Michael Bay, he's the bomb. 
The story was incredible, too. For some of you who thinks that it's just okay, you should watch it one more time. Maybe it takes you two times to get the whole idea. Who'd knew that you can learn so much from some creatures made up of steel? 
Okay so there's these battles and all kinds of war going on, but that's kinda like the 'decorations' behind coming across the whole point. What I've learned about this movie is that there's 4 kinds of people (which was shown by the 4 people who was involved in the battlefield):

-Mikaela: The type of person who volunteers to always be there, is not afraid to take chances, even if that means risking her own life. There's times where she's uncertain, and doubts the odds she's facing, but she didn't let it get her, she stayed strong anyways :) 

-Agent Simmons: The type of person who's ready to stand against everything (in this case, deadly robots), assertive, certain, and is willing to sacrifice everything, unexceptionally-- even his life. Would back-up the people he trust, and doesn't second-guess in taking decisions. 

-Leo: The type of person who feels unlucky all the time, blames people for where he is and always afraid to rise above every challenge he meets. Pretty much a coward, run and hide all the time. 

- Sam: The leader; who knows what to do, how to do it, and has the courage to do so. Believes in what he's doing, even when the people doubted and questioned his leadership. But against all of those, he came through as the one who win the war. 

That's like half of the things I caught from this movie, it also showed that saying you love someone isn't suppose to be a regular thing, maybe some of you disagree, but when you don't say it frequently as a 'necessity', and only say it when you really feel so, the person you say it to will definitely cherish the moment :) 

So, the whole point is, be the person of courage, take chances, don't let ginormous creepy robots get in your way. Well maybe in real life our obstacles are not literally made of steel, might be as tough and hard as steel though, but when you BELIEVE, that's where every little thing fall into the right place ;) 

The three words that truly hit me, throughout the 2 hours and 30 minutes movie, were "Because I believe" by Sam when he was just about to bring Optimus Prime back to life. 
To top this amazing movie, it was perfected by such dreamy casts. Shia LaBeouf *hearts*, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, and many more. 

But you pretty people wouldn't be so darn good if it wasn't for the amazing movie, right? ;p 
I'm outie, people! Tell me what you think :)

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