Been a long time coming...

Hey everyone...

I've completely, and I mean; totally lost my mood to even look at my blog this past one month. I don't know why. There's so much to talk about, and so much to look forward to :) 
Funny experiences, crazy ones, not-so-amazing ones, so much have happened at so little time. Met amazing people, 'entertaining' people, and life-changing people :D And my eyes are also opened to a couple of people we all would call 'friends'. Or even 'best friends'. Some grow apart, some grow even closer. Even we're distances apart.

So what is the whole point anyways, to see people changing? I figured that time changes everythinggg. And I mean-- eeeverything. So it's not that people who change are mean, or they've expected from the get-go to change, it seems like, as time goes by, they go to the phase where they have to leave out of your life, and just be apart from you. Like it's planned to be that way. And you meet other people, some who are better, or maybe the same, or might remind you of the previous people who change, and when you do, you start praying to God they would never change... but it all seem endless. They will, at some point; change. You start all over and fall into the same place again. Like a never-ending chain of... hullabaloo. It might seem endless, but not pointless. You learn from it, get back on your feet, and try to do better. 

Bottom line I learned that losing people might be painful, especially when you put so much effort in trusting them. You'll be thankful someday that they're not there anymore, because someday you'll realize that it's just an act by God to remove people who won't do any good in your life in the future.

Keep the faith!! Even it's tough to do so, people... but hold on, and hold on tight :)

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