Yes, that's the magic word I have been saying lately. I don't know why, nor did I know where did it came from, I just say it in almost every sentence I say. Hahaha :p 

Still in the spirit of bebenah-bebenah, I found some interesting stuffs, other than freakishly large dust bunnies hopping all over my old stuffs, but also old report cards when I was still in kindergarten. I seriously didn't even know I had those. I mean, it's kindergarten, why bother being graded, right? What possibly could I be doing at that stage? Apparently, plenty. I was being graded on how I'm using scissors, reading newspapers, using forks and spoons. Blaaah... 

Yang gak gua terima adalah ada tulisan gini di rapor, "Kemampuan motorik cukup baik, namun dalam membawa cangkir yang dipenuhi air dan menggunting kertas perlu latihan." Silly me ;) 
Little me makes me giggle so hard. Although I remember I have always been bad on using scissors. Dan gua saking artistiknya gak bisa membuat garis lurus, pasti mencang-mencong, because of the inner Van Gogh in me... not. I just have been bad on straight things, but I'm most definitely NOT gay. Bahaaha! 

But what I'm proud of is, my Mom said to me that I've always shown independence since I'm at a very young age. I was barely 2 years old when I first enrolled to school, I was one and a half. I didn't even know that it was legal! :p Graduated kindergarten at 4 (I believe it was TK A & TK B, a year each). But because a first grader has to be at least 5 I think, I stayed home for a year. Poor me :p Selalu deh, mau loncat kelas tapi gak kesampean. When I was in second grade, ada satu kelas spesial seangkatan gua, that 'special class' was supposedly filled with braniacs yang bakal accelerate langsung ke 4th grade. Tapi udah berjalan setengah tahun, karena banyak orangtua di kelas-kelas lain yang pada sirik, gak jadi deh di loncat kelas. That class was hard work! To get in it was anything but easy, and the competition is crazy, cuma yang ranking 1-10 doang yang masuk kelas 4. Disitu gua ranking 4 :( Padahal seru tuh gua pikir-pikir seangkatan sama my own brother (baahahaha can't imagine how that would look like). Oh well...

Even old pictures of me showed I wasn't such a cry baby, and that my brother was more dependent on Mom. Like whenever I go to crowded places like Dufan, I could ride rides on my own, and my brother would sit on rides with my Mom. No wonder sampe sekarang nyokap lebih keliatan count on me daripada my brother. Like for instance, kemaren itu PC sempet gak nyala, and I told my brother to take a look at it. Tapi berhubung dia tuh orangnya takut-an kesetrum, dia gak mau, dia suruh gua. And I take a look at it, otak-atik kabelnya, and voila, it turned back on. Although I got some 'memorable zaps,' but at least the PC worked ;) There are tons of other things but I don't want to sound manlier than my brother :p Bahaaa :D 

Anywho I'm outieee(:

Catch y'all later!
Keep the faith & stay safe :D 

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