"I talk like this 'cause I can back it up"

Call me weird but I'm anything but skeptical. I mean, small things; like songs on iTunes for instance-- I think it can read our minds! :p I was reading an old conversation I had with someone, someone I used to like, and so my iTunes is on shuffle, and when I was reading the conversation, it turned into 'Only One-Yellowcard'. Such an old and sad song. Yet, so true. 

I really really don't believe in coincidence. I believe in "meant-to-be's" :p Another thing that read our minds-- billboards!! I was thinking about a problem in a car on my way somewhere and suddenly I passed this huge ad that said "Leave your worry behind". I know it all sound so stupid, but I know that I'm "easy to please". And it really cheered me up :p 

Other 'lucky' situations that happened lately include this one time when I was talking with my brother about cartoons. How I said I miss watching Tarzan, Toy Story, and all those kind of old cartoon movies, it was like 10 at night. And I was switching channels then Tarzan was on and we both looked at each other and were kinda still in shock because it was such on random timing. So I was talking about Diana Ross (yea like any of you would've even think about talking about her at this era) and so I flipped through channels, and there she was, singing "I Will Survive". And I was also commenting how vegemite tasted somewhat like ikan asin, and then there was this channel that's almost like 'documenting' about this famous Aussie food. So, folks, what do you know?! :p 

And I was watching this music video of Hey Monday's "How You Love Me Now" on Channel [V], and I remember saying to my brother, "This song really sounds like Demi Lovato's "Here We Go Again" " and then click, I switched the channel to MTV, and guess what video is on?? Yes, it's Demi's. Those are so not coingkidingkis (Word of the day: ko-ing-key-ding-keys) 

There are uncountable times where I took my brother's words out of his mouth and he's so surprised that he's sort of scared of me! :p 

I remember I was watching this beauty pageant on TV (forgot if it was Miss Universe or Miss World), and Miss U.S.A was walking on stage and I remembered yelling, "Fall! Fall!!" and she actually did. My cousin was laughing so hard next to me and called, "Jinx!! Jinx!" 

And also the X Games!! The one with extreme sports like the MotoCross, Skateboarding & stuffs. I was rooting for this guy who plays skateboard, who is sooo cute (and I thought he wasn't that good at first glance, but actually he is), my brother was rooting for a younger contestant that was also good, and when it was my brother's fave to go, I yelled, "Fall! Fall!!" and he actually did. Turns out that my fave and my brother's fave were neck to neck that their scores were sooooo close, I thought my bro's fave would win, but when it was his fave to go, I actually did this 'weird ritual' of saying weird stuffs to the TV, and he really did fall. My brother was like so pissed and laughing at the same time 'cause he thinks it's so funny that I actually 'charmed' his fave. 

Oh, well, moral of the story is, tongue is the most powerful part of our organs, although it doesn't have any bone whatsoever, it can change lives. So, be veeery careful :D

Keep the faith!!


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