Under the radar

I'm sorry, again, my lovely blog. 
It's not that I don't love you, but the time and distance just made it so hard for me to catch up. 
Nooo, I'm not breaking up with you, so don't look at me that way, you're making it harder than it is. 

There it goes, my inner actress just came out. 
Or should I say... comedian? 

Well I suck at making people laugh, I'm crappy at making jokes


I have been very inactive in the internet world these days. Well, the internet went poof for a couple of days, and I'm usually cranky about not having internet access for a few days, but not this time. I was okay with it and just, live life. Maybe because the so-much-to-do activities made it easier to let go of the internet addiction. It's okay to really isolate myself from all the ongoing craziness, just to getaway and have a clear state of mind. There is a lot to think about, not only about my future, but life in general. 

Here are a few thoughts:

Am I crazy just because I have this huge urge of pursuing some of the many, how do you say, insane dreams that a 'young girl' can only fantasize of doing? 

Is it just an illusion that all of the opened doors to those dreams seem so surreal that it almost felt like it's all too good to be true? 

Is there a downside to this? Is it too fast that it might even end faster? 

Gosh I got to get a hold of myself. 
So, before I get any more further of this nonsense that many of you might not even understand of, I shall stop it once and for all. 

Adios, Amigos!!
Keep the faith(:

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