May I borrow an eraser?

It's creepy me again. Why creepy? Well, I remembered watching Oprah some time last year, and there's this episode of a girl who couldn't forget exact situations she has been through in her life. I remembered thinking some time last week, "If only I could watch it one more time." And the next day (or the day after the next day, I can't remember), that exact episode was on Oprah. I wasn't expecting to watch that episode since it's a pretty old episode, and still, it's on TV. I know, I scare myself :| 

A few days ago, a random thing popped up in my mind, I was thinking "There's this Disney movie that has to do with a whale eating this Disney character, but I can't remember what." My brother told me that it's Joseph, which doesn't make any sense, 'cause he was talking about that Biblical character, and even so, he's still wrong, it's not Joseph, it's Jonah. Oh, well. 

That wasn't what I want to talk about. I want to talk about that girl on Oprah that couldn't forget. It's not like she memorizes every single detail (she remembers exact day and date ever since she's a baby, including things what happened that day), it's like her brain is a nonstop recording machine. What's funny is that, she is bad in memorizing subjects when she was in school. She said it's cause she doesn't memorize the things that happened every day, it's almost like her brain never stopped recording every minute of the day. Oprah even tested her 'talent', she asked about random dates, and she could answer all of it with the right answers. Even some of the questions were wrong, and she could correct the dates because she remembers everything clearly. 

I personally think that would've been painful. I mean, I may not be as skillful as she is, but I don't forget quite easily either. And sometimes I wish I could erase some of the memories I have. Imagine never being able to forget every single critic, commentary, or mockery ever thrown to you? That would be such a dreadful life :( 

I just found out that this woman's name is Jill Price. She even wrote a book concerning her life, called "A Woman Who Can't Forget". She lost her husband after several years of marriage, and she said that her husband's birthdate and his death's date only have 6 weeks difference. She admits that her worst mood in any time of the year is within those 6 weeks, and even said to people not to get near her at that time, because year by year the emotion would be the same. I couldn't imagine how that feel like :'( 

Speaking of erasing things, I would also like to erase stalkers from the whole universe. They make life feel "insecure". Life might seem like a movie because of all the comedy, drama, and action in it, but it's not something the whole world should watch. 

Keep the Faith :P 

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