In terms of desperation.

Hello, it's me again. As I'm trying over and over and over to sign into this MSN messenger of mine, I might be out of luck this time because it don't seem to bother my frustration and it keeps bouncing me off of my account! Oh well... 

So what do I do when I'm bored? I write stupid and silly stuffs, of course. And I don't just write it anywhere, I write 'em here, so the whole world can see how random and weird I am in real life. 

I feel like these days are the toughest. Troubles after troubles just keep on coming. Overflowin' like they come out of some sort of sink. Well I think there's something wrong with the sink because it seem to be leaking. There are a few times like I just kept quiet the whooole day. It's like the weight of the world is on my shoulder. I can't be bothered to talk to, to joke around with, I was just, feeling pretty much flat. 

Oh, wait, my MSN just came in. Whoopteedoo :D

Ah, no, wait. False alarm. Gaaah...

Okay, so, yeah, I just feel sooooo tired and everything seem endless. I feel like giving in because I just think it's way complicated, way too impossible for me to handle, it's like I want to say, "Okay, just stop right here. I've had it, I can't take it anymore, just-- stop." Thinking some sort of angel would pick me up and just take my problems away. Wishing life would be so much easier. Yeah, right. I sound very very ridiculous, I know. But this is what goes through my mind every second and minute of the day. Me myself is even trying to catch up!! Gahhh. Where will it all take me?? 

Oh, yeay. MSN on again :)
Please don't go off again, I'm begging you. 

Okay, 1 minute, good. Steady... Steady... Please stay on, please stay on!! 

I feel like it's that time where my true friends are being questioned again. I feel like it's that time where everything has to change, including my circle of friends. Because at the end of it all, only a few will make it to the end with you. The rest are new people that you learn to live with, and just, wait for their moment to leave again. 

My head is just... upside down! 

Keep the faith

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