Treats a lady right.

Long time no post! So, well.. Nothing special about this post. I just feel like expressing and sharing something to the whole wide world :) I know it's not that important, but I just want to write something since I haven't been that much of a blogger lately. 

I think you can measure a guy's heart by how he treats his mom. If he shows how much he loves his mom, or how thankful he is to his mom, that's how you'll know if he's going to be able to treat you right. Who else could he be loving so much if it's not the woman who gives him birth? :D 
"Happy mothers day ma :) I love u"
"I owe every hour I invest and any award to this woman. I love my momma."

Told ya it was a random post ;) 
I love this guy. You have no idea. 

I'm out :D
Keep the faith!!

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