You can have it all, just can't have it all at once.

Well yeah, life can be pretty unfair. 

That's what I think at first. Until I know that it's a learning process that we have to try to get things slowly, but surely. One by one. 

This week has been... interesting ;p 

There's always one thing in each day this week that's missing. Starting by the internet. Well, I won't talk much about it since there's pretty much always a problem with my internet connection. But I'm happy now that it's working pretty darn well ;) Then the next day, my air conditioner broke. Had to fix it the next morning so I went to bed pretty much feeling like I was butter on hot toast. The next day, my cable was out. Since my TV has no other antenna other than cable, had to not watch TV for 2 days. The next day, probably was the climax of the week, the whole electricity was out. Good thing it was in the afternoon!! It happened for quite some time, but had the whole afternoon chit chatting with Mba Ati and my brother :) 

You might think there's no up side of the story, well you're wrong. Because aside from all the 'media' and 'connection from the outer world' that I lack in the past week, I had more 'me' time. Meaning-- reading, taking care of my body, and recipe hunting on magazines :) 

I've read this book like twice before, but there's always; ALWAYS new things that I receive every time I read books, even when it's the same ones. I've always thought that actually books are far more interesting than TV :p Because with books, your mind explore, you always picture things in your mind. That's why I think books can be powerful, because it can change your perspective in sooo many ways. With TV, it's almost like you're swallowing informations and all you do is receive, receive, and receive. But with books, you get to chew, and chew, and chew, and swallow things before you actually 'digest' the entire book. Please note that I don't mean it literally :p 

Well, yeah, I'm a huge sucker for books. I may not be the first person you run to when it comes to discussing how hot Edward Cullen is, or how exciting this week's Gossip Girl episode is, and I may not care if people think I'm boring, but I don't think that should hold me back ;) All those encyclopedia my parents bought me when I was little have not been in vain ;) 

Keep the faith :]

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