"Change is good"-Paramore

Since I don't consider myself a pro when it comes to Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial (I prefer World Geography any day), I have to have things such as Twitter to let me know what's what on a daily basis :p Heboh banget pada nge-Twit hari ini Hari Sumpah Pemuda, yang gua tau hari ini film MJ keluar di bioskop for the next 2 weeks (this statement has nothing to do with commercial needs whatsoever). 

I like the fact that Indonesian youth has widely grown in so many different areas, musically, and academically. Have we reached the maximum potential? No, we haven't. Just like how my parents raise me, there's always room for better improvements, so I guess there's still lots to do before we reach a place where we should be satisfied about what we've achieved. 

Hari-hari ini sering banget gua nonton berita dan banyak ngeliput tentang gimana Amerika lagi merosot abis-abisan alias mereka lagi having a downhill process. Tapi gua percaya, America is in good hands (no, Obama, I'm not just talking about you, I was referring to God. But since you're the leader of the country, so I guess that goes to you, too). What I love about America as a liberal country is that it is always open to change, mereka bener-bener gak ada kata 'impossible' dalam kamus negara mereka (please note that I don't mean this literally :p), that's why great leaders, musicians, actors, athletes, banyak yang bisa di achieve di Amerika karena mereka punya kemauan untuk terbuka pada perubahan, yang bisa bikin mereka maju. Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah, Celine Dion, Michael Jordan, OBAMAAA :) 

But, I have to admit, there's a down side to this, some people take advantage of freedom, but I'm not saying that that can't change! America has gone through so much and I think time will tell if it will survive through any kind of circumstances. 

Yap, gua bakal seneng banget kalo Indo bisa nyontoh dari negara yang melahirkan beberapa makanan favorit gua seperti Ben & Jerry's!! And other revolutionary products, like FROZEN YOGHURT :) Hahahahaha. Gua masih sedikit cape nih. So that's all, I'm outie :] 


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