Gloomy days are over.

Here comes the sun, toodoodoodoo...
Here comes the sun...
And I say it's all right...


Although these days I've been feeling like I'm losing hope, I'm starting to gain it back again. The silver lining is starting to show, and although I have been filled with uncertainty, everything seem certain again. I can dream again. That's the most important part. 
The devil would only want you to give in. When you're caught in that circumstance, show 'em that you got the courage to stand up tall. I thought I've had to put down my dreams for the good of my family and other needs, now I know I can dream again. And although the stress I'm holding onto dearly these days is just insane, I almost feel like I couldn't bear it much longer, I know deep down, everything is going to be alright. Oh, yes, it will. Trust me :]

size of the text does not matter, what matters is the amount of belief you have deep down inside :]

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