Haters wanna hate.

Haven't had the time to check my blog for some time and so someone had to put the news down for me. So, someone who dislike my posts put a comment on my blog regarding my posts that are made up of mostly English. Well, here I am being completely honest, without any intention of bragging, but it's not my fault that you don't understand a word. And before you TRY commenting with English, be sure that it's with the PROPER GRAMMAR, 'cause here you are commenting on my lack of English skills, and yet yours is not any better. I'm not saying that my posts have no grammatical mistakes, but who are you to say that you're better when the matter of the fact is, you're just simply not. 

Just can't believe there are haters problem to add up to the stalkers problem? As if I need more drama to 'spice up' my life. Well, I guess that's life. There's just always people who want to bring you down or wait for you to mess up. And I would like to thank my best friend who reminded me to hold up my head high, 'cause there are people who'd kill to see you fall.

And I can't believe there are people who stole my quotes, and on top of it, take credit of it from people who commented on 'what I said.' I mean, seriously, come on, it's not like it's some Oprah or Dr. Phil-like sayings. Saying all this, by all means, I have no intention to brag. I just want to say what I feel, 'cause it's getting pretty annoying. Stop putting my life on a microscope. 

"Better improve your english skills before make a story, just use bahasa indonesia"

Pssh. Give me a break. You know what, I choose to 'stay cool' out of this 'hot' situation you are making. It's so not worth the sweat, not even a slight thought. But nowadays it's just irritating. 

Keep the Faith ;)

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