Caught dead copying.

Tsk tsk tsk.

This is just one of the many statuses that you copied. I'm just not in the mood to show it all one by one, and also I still don't want to show your identity, so use your second chance wisely. I just don't get why you love to copy even the most unimportant status I can ever think of. It's pretty pathetic how most of your statuses are copied from others, just show how you lack something that is most probably the most important thing out of a person's life-- identity

And to put a mask out of all this! I know that you said on your status how you hate copycats and yet, YOU ARE ONE!

The irony. 

I'm just so tired of all those crap you tried selling to people, 'cause clearly, I'm not buying any :)
That is all.


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Anonymous said...

plagiarism..!! hate that thing.