An equal treatment ;)

I'm astounded by how people can treat others with no respect. I mean, haven't they ever heard of "Treat others the way you want to be treated"? This explosion of emotions is not coming out of no where, I'm mad because of a reasonable 'excuse.' I just dislike people who treat their maids with no respect. I know it so well how Indonesia has abundant storage of labor, but that's not something you should take for granted. Just because you're blessed with great wealth, that doesn't give you the power to treat people however you'd like. 

Ya mungkin mereka suka agak lemot, ato bisa buat salah, tapi ya, yaudah, mereka juga gak sempurna, you have to always keep that in mind! Malah seharusnya lu merasa thankful kalo punya maid(s) yang mau kerja buat lo. They might not be the smartest people in the world, and maybe it takes you extra patience to get them to work properly; well, let me put it this way, if they're scholars, they wouldn't be working for you, now, would they? 

So, try treating them with the right amount of respect. Just because they receive salary from you out of the tasks they do around the house for you, that doesn't mean they're your 'slave' and make you their 'master.' If you're treating them with the right attitude, I believe that they'll feel 'homey,' which will result to motivate them to work even harder :) 

Keep The Faith

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