It's the weekends!! Weeks after weeks have passed and I'm getting just ever so pumped and excited :) We have officially reached the midst of November, and before we know it, we'd be celebrating Christmas and New Year's!! :) 

Speaking of celebrations, I know how Indonesia doesn't celebrate Halloween at all, unlike the western culture who takes Halloween as serious as their own Easter or Independence Day--meaning, there's always traditions to live up to. Trick or treating, costume-wearing, pumpkin-carving, and all of those things they do every year :) 

Maria, one of my best friends, was born on this 'spooky' day ;) So we had to celebrate her birthday around Halloween and it was great fun :) Located at Puro, I met some of my old friends I haven't seen in ages. Felt great, like this little unplanned reunion :D Too bad Bella is in L.A or the guest list would've been perfect. Took tons of pictures but I'll just post a few :)
Maria, the beautiful birthday girl :)

Can't believe she turned 18!! She's in the same class as I am, but she's older by a year :) There's this ginormous cake that was super duper cute, and which represents her; an amazing, talented young designer. There's this measuring tape, scissors, et cetera et cetera :) Told her I am so gonna wear a dress made by her on a red carpet event :) So, let's hope for it, fingers crossed!!! :D 

First surprise of the night: Huge vase of roses from... Ehmmm ;p
Ladies :)
Left to Right: Maria, Me, Nathalie, Katy, Tenny
Nath and Nad
Love her :)
The food was (Y)(Y)(Y)
I'm feeding the bday girl :)
Aww yeay :)
The Gandhi bunch! Bahaah :) How I miss Elementary times :D
Missing Bella :(
The Gandhi bunch and the huuuuuge cake :)

The dinner started at 7 and ended at about 11, and there's this Halloween party being thrown and there's tons of people that dressed up as freaks. I've always thought Indonesia has the scariest ghosts and all the western ghosts aren't really that scary, so yeah, they were pretty scary. So, props to Indonesia for having the scariest ghosts! Whoohooooo :)
Karen and Maria with the scary bloody midget :S
This guy seriously scared the crap out of me!!
With the headless bride. Doesn't it make you wonder how the wedding ended?
...just kidding ;) 

That is all for my updates :) 
Blog y'all later :) 
Have tons of blogs to post yet still haven't found the time to just sit around and type!! Blaargh... 


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