I’m happy to say that I will be there at the end of the day =)

Some dreams can feel so real. Kadang gua suka lupa kemaren mimpi apa, tapi setiap ada kesempatan kalo inget, gua pasti catet, karena gua gak mau lupa, gua percaya mimpi yang gua dapet itu gak pernah gak ada artinya. Mimpi gua juga suka berasa real banget, melebihi 3D, 4D, 5D, apa lah yang canggih-canggih. Pokoknya real. Kemaren salah satunya :(

I hate having dreams of people that I miss, it makes it so hard to wake up. In my dream, I remembered meeting him at Taman Anggrek, yang menurut gua adalah tempat yang lumayan bersejarah karena kita pertama kali ketemu disana, dan setiap pergi ke T.A pasti seru, makanya gua namain T.A 'ground zero' alias markas pertemuan. I saw him and all I can remember was; before we went our separate ways, he hugged me so tight that I could hear his heartbeat. Gua sedih kalo ingetnya, soalnya he's probably the best guy-friend I ever had. And because of the dream I have yesterday, I woke up thinking I want to look for pictures that I kept in a concealable place. 

Old pictures just haunt me with old memories. We met at probably the weirdest way possible and never in a million years would I thought we would've been friends-- good friends. I'm just imperfect in so many ways, and he saw right through me. I would nag and be the most sensitive person in the whole world, and yet he would patiently talk to me and calm me down.We fight a lot and most of the fights are because of me, correction, gua berasanya all of the fights are because of me. I've made him cry, I hurt him a lot, yet he would still be there for me when I need him most. And though we don't talk much these days, a part of me still thinks I never deserve you, not even as a friend. 

He's the kind of person that loves me for who I am, though he knows me inside and out. Dia udah tau semua tentang gua, and every time we talk or meet, gak perlu ada yang di-jaim-in. Mau betahak ya betahak, kentut ya kentut. (No, we're not that disgusting, I'm just trying to picture how close we were. Well, you know what I mean ;p ) We barely speak these days, but yeah, I remember it all, I remember everything.

:] :] :]

Gatau kenapa suka sama foto cacat ini :D
Sekarang tiap liat Taz g inget dia. Not only 'cause Taz was a pretty wacky & loveable cartoon, but also 'cause I have the exact same shirt which was from him :)
Gak pernah bosen ngasitau dia how good he looks in a tux :)
Apa, centil? :)

Snapshots of him on webcam haha :)

To the guy I thought I knew, I miss you.


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Sonia Eryka Moe said...

wiii capa tu naaddd, cowonya ya? :)

Nadia Juliana said...

Ehhehehe bukan kok, sayaaaaang :) Itu teman baik ;D

Sonia Eryka Moe said...

eheeeeeemmmm aw aw awww hahahaa :)

Nadia Juliana said...

Hihiih cuma lagi pengen mendedikasikan satu blog post saja ;););) hahahah