Jajak Jakarta

There's never a dull moment with these two :)

Yup, after a great dinner with my Elementary buddies from Gandhi, I slept over at my cousin--Titin--'s place and just like any sleepovers we had, it was filled with snacks, Facebook-profile-talks, and lack of sleep! We slept at 4 in the morning and because we planned to go out the following morning and had to pick up Cien-cien, we woke up at 10 and left at 11! So, that's not too bad, right? :p Then, we went to explore the great city of Jakarta! Titin drove to Sunter to pick up Maria, or better known as Cien-cien, and went to a noodle stall just around the corner near Cien-cien's house for a yummy breakfast :)

Since I have to go back home early, we planned to go home at about 4 o'clock and 'cause there's tons of places we had in mind that we want to go to, we scheduled the exact in-and-out timing for each mall! :p First stop: GRAND INDONESIA!!! :)

Titin is getting very good at driving, she's even able to take pictures while doing it!
Not a very good example, though ;p
Look! There's a Metro Mini next to Titin!
At Grand Indo's parking lot
Just arrived at Grand Indo and I think not taking pictures in the toilet would be a crime ;)
On the escalator! Doesn't this picture looks sorta--kinda-- like we're in an airport? Bahaah!
Again with the airport-like background!

One thing about Grand Indonesia that I love most is its 'Alun-Alun Indonesia,' where they sell all these Indonesian goods from all over the country and what I love about it is its 'traditional vibe' that I get from the very first step I take into Alun-Alun Indonesia ;) And here's some of the goodies we found ;)

Wayang! It's this puppet-like thing that apparently, Indonesians are very good at!
I have to tell you this, we sucked! We're so bad at it, it's not as easy as it looks :p
Look at this picture, the wayang looks gay, doesn't it?! Maybe ours is not wayang, the more proper term is 'GAY-ang.'
Look how small that thing is! It even has this mini-sized fan that satay vendors use to make the satay :) And what's a good satay without some kecap manis, right ;)

Too bad Alun-Alun Indonesia holds a pretty high standard when it comes to labeling the price! But the quality is worth the price I suppose. So I'm going to make some Euro or Pounds or Dollar before going back to Jakarta and buy all those stuffs that caught my eye at Alun-Alun Indonesia ;) After Alun-Alun Indonesia, we went to see this Lego exhibition just next to Alun-Alun Indonesia. Lego always amazes me. I'm one of those Lego fans, but all I did was make a shapeless car, or a shapeless house. Come to think of it, I never really did make anything out of Lego. But they! They did an amazing job with Lego! Look at this Octopus :)

And those big blue eyes! Isn't it just the most adorable thing you've ever seen in the (Lego) world??? :)

We planned to go out of Grand Indonesia at 1 p.m, and we reached the exit of Grand Indonesia at exactly 1 p.m! We were on time ;) And after a while, we kinda still have no idea on where to go next, but we went to Plaza Semanggi next and stroll around for a while then we headed to the Rooftop afterwards and took these cute pictures ;) So basically we were inspired by all the 'artsy' pictures that were displayed in Grand Indonesia. There's this exhibition of cool slash candid-like slash spontaneous pictures, and we decided to expand the idea and buy M&M-like candy and took pictures! :) It's almost like biscuits, though, it's not really candy, because it's much crunchier and yummy-er ;) We figured the color of the biscuits would look better in pictures rather than M&M's because these biscuits have more 'shocking' colors, and having said that, we realized that the food coloring was quite a lot, so that's pretty scary :p All in all, the pictures look great ;)

Titin looking cute ;)
Cien-cien looks preeeeetty :) Don't you agree? ;)
You can't really see, but there's biscuits in my mouth, but that didn't quite work out :p
Rooftop! :)

And since we had too much fun taking pictures and chit-chatting while having some (so-called) sushi, before we know it, it's 4 in the afternoon so we decided to head back.

When we're stopping on a red light, we realized that we almost ran out of gas! (Notice that the red light on the bottom is on!) But since it was a Sunday and there's no traffic jam, we made it to Kemayoran to get some gas :) Then we dropped Cien-cien off, and we went back home! :)

That is all for the 'adventurous' trip I had with Titin and Cien-cien ;)
It was pretty tiring, but had great fun :D
Keep me posted, everyyyoneeeee :D


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