See your enemy in the eyes and say, "Bless you."

Yeah, sure, saying it in a theory is much easier than to do it in real life. I'm just like any ordinary person, I want to be treated right, I can be pretty upset when someone's treating me like crap when you know you don't deserve to, when deep down you know that's not how they're suppose to treat you, because you don't treat them the way they treat you. 


Thank God it's Sunday!!! I don't get why people hate Mondays, because I always look forward to Mondays because I think of it as the beginning of a new week, so I can start new and fresh :) And since I'm getting closer to what I've been looking forward to, I actually don't have any other stuffs to worry or complain about because behind all these things that happened, there are actually good things falling into place... Finally :) 

I'm not going to act all fake or angelic and show you just all the good things that I've learned through stuffs that happened to me, but let me tell you that there are times I feel like I've had enough and just want to punch someone in the face or poke someone with a stick!!! As savage or cruel as it may sound, it has never happened (and neither will it ever happen, hopefully ;p), so no need to worry :) There are just some mind games being played in this itty bitty head, and some inner demons whispering in my mind saying things I know I shouldn't be doing, but I would be lying if I say that it didn't cross my mind or that I didn't have the 'desire' to go get a payback, but I realized that's not the person I am, or ever was. Taking the high road is never easy, but I've always been the person who do so, and will continue doing so. I've 'tried' being a mean person, and it actually hurt no one but myself, 'cause I was lying to myself and realized that that's not person I have grown up becoming, and by being mean didn't make me feel any better, I actually felt like I was the same person that was being mean to me, and that made me felt pretty darn crappy :S

Don't give praises or think that I do this for compliments, I just never had the heart to actually meet a person and slap him/her in the face to actually give a 'lesson' learned. I'm the 'swept-it-in-a-rug' kind of person. So yeah, there might be tons of dust bunnies under the rug, but I'd vacuum it as soon as it's needed to be done. I have my own advantages for being a pretty forgetful person (my brother even call me Dori-- from Finding Nemo 'Dori'), but once I remember things, it's insanely unstoppable. Well, God, this is my fight, but I know You're in the battle doing it for me, I'm giving up all my rights for revenge, I know someday You'll do it for me. Not that I'd wish anything bad to happen to people who are mean to me, it's just-- what goes around, comes around, you know??? 

It's been clinically proven. Ha. 


...someday it'd all be worth it!


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