The Bigger Person Loses.

And gives up.

The title might sound a little familiar, somehow sounds like the popular TV show that we all know and love, but no, it's not the kind of topic I'm about to bring up!
You probably don't really get the idea that I'm about to put across, so let me explain how it works :)

Remember that-- in any argument you're being involved in, or any decision you're about to take, keep in mind that there is always someone; somewhere, who disagrees. That's why there's always two sides in everything, there's pros & cons, there's left & right, there's north & south, there's Romeo & Juliet... Wait, what are we talking about again? Oh, right, people disagreeing. Right.
Maybe Romeo & Juliet don't really have anything to do with it. Before I start to wander off this topic & forget what I really want to write, I better get back to the topic ;)

No matter how right or correct you think the path you're taking is, there's always someone who criticize you, and that's okay, people always have different opinions, I'm not saying that you have to agree to anything people say, but what matters is how you handle the disagreement being held against you. If someone disagrees but you think that person's incorrect, walk away, don't let 'em get into you, 'cause in life there's always going to be people right in your face trying to get the best of you, don't, I repeat-- DO NOT let that happen to you. Trust me, when you try your best to always please people by changing standards or by chickening out, or by not standing up for what you really believe in, it will eat you up alive! You'll always be unsatisfied, and that's not even the worst part! The fact is, if you always listen to what people want you to do or how you should become, you'll never get the chance to be who you want to be! But consider the comments first, if it's good feedback that you might need to make you a better person, receive it with an open mind :)

The truth is the bigger person loses and give up his right to be angry when someone disagrees, the bigger person knows better than losing his temper for someone who gets in his face. So, really, nice guys don't finish last. Nice guys finish before the race even started :)

Keep the Faith

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