"Keep on keeping on"

Someone said that to me and it's been popping out of my head, being a constant reminder for my brain, guess it has been my conscious for the past, say-- two or three weeks? Yes, I have been hanging on a thread lately, could have slip and fall in a split of a second. But, I have to admit, I feel like I'm the luckiest person alive, to be given different & wonderful opportunities :) I know it makes me grow just a little bit faster than most teenagers, but it's alright to know a little too much than a little less than others, right? :)

And since it's the month of giving, I want to give credits to my older brother who has always been there for me, I have to admit that I'm forever grateful that I'm not an only child, and having the person who has been the one who's both a crack in the head and pain in my ass (I mean it in the most positive way possible ;) ) . I'm thankful that he's one of the few people who believed in my dreams, who encouraged me and know my every struggle. So if there's any guy in my future, he'd be my third boyfriend, 'cause my first is Dad, and the second is my brother! (and I say that in the least icky yucky way!!) I know we fight a lot and there are times where I feel like I wanna strangle him in the neck or push him over a cliff or something, but as much as I hate to admit this, I love my brother :) We've waaay past the fighting over "who's getting the last piece of snack" or "who's sitting where in the car" because we grew up together and we know each other so well now that we're not even going to make an effort to even fight over small stuffs :D One of the many reasons why I'm close to my brother is that our age difference is not that far, so we have the same taste in movies, and music, and all those stuffs :) I tell my brother everrrything. Recently I even made a trivia about myself when I was bored and he got the perfect score, it's pretty creepy, I know, but I'm thankful that he knows me so well :p He even gets so nosy about guys that I like or vice versa, I get to 'select' who gets to be his girlfriend :p Although most of the girls that he like are also my friends, he said it's one of the many benefits of having a younger sister :p

Oh well I better stop before any of you people start to leave and grab yourselves a bucket to puke :) I'm outie :)

Keep the faith

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