I may not be crowned 'best blogger of the year' because of my lack of updates, but trust me, I have a very VERY good reason (or should I say 'excuse' *cough cough*) for it. Just giving a quickie update here :) I haven't opened all my web stuffs in a while and it's always surprising to see the 'feedback' some people gave me. Like saying the F word on my previous post, regarding the copycat thing I wrote. The thing is, IF that isn't true, then why be mad about it, right? And keep it PG-13 please. Say your curses some place else ;)

So many new and upcoming movies on my list! But I don't have time to go to the movies, so saaad :( And it's December already! It's sooooo friggin ridiculous! And in a very happy tone, that is :) I'm so looking forward for these few weeks ahead :) Ahhh, miracles on Christmas, what could be better, right? :)

And I'm considering the many options to change my look. Since I'll be turning 18 next year I'm thinking about getting a little extreme and maybe push the envelope a little bit. What do you think? ;) That is all for now, I'm outie :)


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