Days of Glory.

Don't get me wrong. I miss blogging. Ever so much.

But these days made it impossible for me to even breathe!!! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little bit, I've been... 'isolated', I think that's the best way to describe it, but for a good reason! And hopefully, with fingers crossed on both hands, and a prayer every now and then, it will be worth it in the long run ;)

As an act of faith, some things have finally fall to the right places, and I'm hoping everything will turn out well in the future :)

I'm itching to tell the whole wide universe what I've been up to. But I've made an oath to myself, so to speak, to not tell. And how can you betray your own self? That sounds so wrong, right?!

Oh and I wanna thank some people who have 'secretly searched for me' to write more blogs, I appreciate the thought, that's very sweet of you people :) I never really thought anyone would wanna give a crap of what I think or write here. Kidding.

Please keep reading :)

I can't believe I'm turning 18 in less than 6 months!!! Makes me feel old, and got me so darn tired with all the 'why are you still single' commentaries, so yeah I found a guy, he's great alright. A few years older and his job is both very challenging yet settled. His name is Anderson Cooper.

Baha. You didn't really think I'm seeing someone, did you? I wouldn't want to date someone just because I should. I'm pretty much hooked up on CNN. Wake up, CNN, bladeeblahdeeblah, CNN, then go to bed. But I've always loved how Cooper brought up stories, especially the coverage about Haiti that he's done :) I know I sound old, watch the news and stuffs, blame it on my Dad, he always wakes me up with the sound of loud TV with the headline news, now it's passed down on me, I wake up clicking the remote to watch what the weather's going to be like today and how's the currency doing so far.

Last Christmas slash New Year's holiday was spent with days filled with Discovery Channel, and the best thing was that I dragged my brother along with me. He used to fell asleep while watching, now he can't get enough of it. I caught him watching the documentary of "The Deadliest Animals on the Planet" once and he changed the channel knowing that I was around, he loves it, he just doesn't want to admit it. Ha :)

Yeah, 17 year old and stuck on CNN and Discovery Channel, those two cannot describe the word 'boring' any better. No wonder I'm still single. Nyehe, just kidding, that absolutely has nothing to do with it ;) But at least I spread my geekiness and turns out it's pretty contagious!

By the way, darn, how can I forget, Happy New Year's! Although we're coming to the end of January, but still, I gotta say it :) I believe all the mishaps occurred in 2009 are going to be turned into benefits in 2010 :)

That is all.
I'm outie ;)

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