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I think the most genius person that came up with a love quote is the one who wrote, "No matter how in love you are with the person you're with now, there's always going to be one particular person in your heart no matter what."-- or something like that, I forgot how it's precisely written actually. So far, that's the truest love quote I've ever read. Or was it because us girls have trouble forgetting things?

You don't have to hold hands, or kiss a guy, or be in bed with a guy in order for him to leave a footprint in your heart, 'cause that's exactly where he touched you, in the heart, and that's probably the hardest place to get rid of memories. And the effort of forgetting someone is a lot, and yet it all came back in the first verse of a song you hear, or in a commercial of one movie you see. Compromising with your heart takes a lot of courage, 'cause you never know when it'll really come around or if it keeps on disappointing you by recalling all the memories you try to put in the past.

Somewhere down this road I just know I'll be able to really love someone without trying hard to do so, 'cause I find it hard to really be able to fall for someone, and when I realize that I do, everything turn sour, and at this point, as impossible as it may seem, I just-- literally need God Himself to send a guy to my door, with a big sign shaped like an arrow above his head with lights all around the sign that says, "My gift to you. Love, God." I have a very active imagination, I know, blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-algebra. And have I mention I come up with the most random jokes?

I know, right, hang on tight. You're in for a big treat :)

Well just like everything else in life, I'm still figuring things out. So if I come up with anything, I'm sure I'll keep y'all posted :)

That is all for my random thought. I'm hoping everyone who reads this were entertained. Talking to my darn self on the blog, effortlessly making a fool of herself, what could be a better entertainment, right? Thought so too. Beats the heck out of American Idol! Speaking of which, Paula's out, Ellen's in, I bet there's going to be a few laughs every now and then on American Idol, the sensational karaoke show just keeps on getting better and better by the minute! :)

I'm out before I make a fool out of myself any more. See ya when I see ya ;)

Keep the faith!!!


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