A Girl's Confession

It was a Saturday afternoon. Finally. My break time. I was chilling on the couch basically doing nothing. My iTunes has always been on shuffle, and it played my favorite song of all time. My mood turned real good :)

I love Beyonce's Flaws and All. I think all girls can relate to this song. It's just like some sort of confession made into a beautiful melody. Basically tells about how imperfect she is in the lyrics and how a guy is so loving towards her even when she has so many weaknesses in so many different ways. It just shows how vulnerable or fragile a girl can be.

I know it takes a great deal of effort to understand girls at times because to be frank, us girls don't even know what we want. The first minute we want a guy to open a door for you then the next minute you close the door shut for him. I seriously just fell in love with this song when I first hear it the first time back in '08 I think, although some of my friends find the tune kinda weird, I just absolutely am obsessed, 'cause I think the play count reached a hundred or even more.

Maybe that's why I give guys a hard time. I know that I'm so imperfect that sometimes I feel so unworthy of a guy's love. And when I meet jerks it just made it so much harder to open up and start over, you know?

Aw yeay my second favorite song of all time is on :) Insomnia! The acoustic version, of course :) I prefer this one than the original one; the upbeat, techno-ey one. I'm not much of a party person, I enjoy slow, mellow songs better :)

Oh well, I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my weekend :)
Have a great week ahead!


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