A Royal Flush

(A Tribute to A Crown-less Princess)

Say if you die right this moment, what would you be remembered as? Who would come to your funeral? And what would they have to say about your life?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up to the voice of the newscaster while my dad was stunned by the headline news. A funeral-- but not like any ordinary funeral. The most famous funeral ever in the history of mankind, (well until now of course, concerning I'm still alive-- ha!) goes to Lady Diana's, the Rose of England. Aside from her tragic death and complex love story, she was most certainly loved by the whole world, if not, 2.5 billion people wouldn't tune in to see the heart-breaking ceremony, and the other 2 million wouldn't attend the live ceremony. And for those who didn't know, she spared her time to visit Jakarta and came to the hospital which specifically handle people suffering from leprosy. Glove-less, mask-less, and fearless, she approached and shook the hands of each and every one of the patients. She would even write letters to people she visited, not by her assistant, but by her very own handwriting, she gave them encouragement and words of hope for their future.

Maybe not everyone get to meet this fair lady, but she has most definitely touched the lives of many, and truly inspired me of how compassionate she was about the unfortunate. People mourn over the loss of a royal highness who dedicated her life for social work that many had talked about. If she wasn't that much of an impact, people who never even met this princess in flesh wouldn't cry in front of the Great Britain Embassy; sobbing, as if they lost their own grandmother.

Many people misconceived her and put her as this modern Cinderella who just happened to have a sorrowful ending. And to me she is anything but a fairy tale princess. She dealt with personal demons like when she attempted suicide when she was carrying her first baby, and how she involved herself in an emotional disorder which was bulimia. So maybe she has the similarity of finding her prince, but Cinderella didn't find her Prince Charming to be unfaithful. And while Cinderella is living to her happily ever after in the palace, singing and dancing with the deer and birds and squirrels, Lady Diana had to follow the strict, and at times, frustrating protocols. For her, royalty felt like her prison.

It's safe to say that even though she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, it wasn't the happiest, most jolly childhood a kid could ever ask. Her father was a Viscount, and her mother was also a blue blood, and because her 2 older siblings were girls, her dad expected Diana to be a boy, to live up to continuing her father's name. She looked up to her oldest sister, and what not many people know is that Prince Charles was once her older sister's lover.

As many people have suspected, her marriage fell apart. But that didn't stop her of doing greater things, in fact, she said she felt free to do more stuffs without having anything holding her back.

It's amazing how a person, with such beauty and attractiveness, can spread the joy to those many people while she was in a middle of a chaotic mess herself. I applaud her indubitable morals and values. Her life might not be the best example of a fairy tale princess for those who want to believe about fairies and leprechauns, but it is a simple fact that sometimes reality can be crystal clear, that we're all in the same boat, no matter how perfect one's life might sound, there's always a downside to everything. Keep your chins up, and even though it seems like life gives you zero tolerance of doing anything wrong, sometimes it's those ups and downs that mold you as a whole :)

Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity

--Lady Jane Fellowes
(a poem read on Lady Di's funeral by her sister)

Keep the faith

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