There she goes...

Okay, okay I have been a big slacker in the blog world, but trust me, I have the most reasonable excuse. Oh what the heck, no excuse is ever reasonable. I know I've been wanting to change my layout since forever but I seriously haven't found the time because all of that would be draining my energy, my brain, et cetera et cetera.

Here we go, on with the excuses...

So how is life and all, everyone? Hope all is well :)
I'm in an incredibly good mood, so don't ruin it for me.
Did I just say I was in a good mood? Haha, was!!!

Thank God I have a Microsoft Word installed to my mobile, or my brain would have a blog overload. I've been writing what I want to write and share every bit of it here, but I guess some of them are just too raw, so I've came to a conclusion to read it once more and then maybe I would copy some of it here :)

I'm not that much of a Facebook addict, well not anymore, now everything is poured in the less-complex and the all-fun-all-day Twitter-rama!!! Whoo hooooo!!!

And still anxiously waiting for the next big thing!!! :)
(fingers crossed)

Keep the FAITH

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