Move Along Like I Always Do

Well if you haven't been active on facebook or if you weren't in touch with my Twitter, then you probably didn't know that I've recently lost my phone. I'm a klutz in many ways, but never have I lost something important to me. I have lost a pair of my glasses once, but that's it, nothing else in the history of my life (well maybe my Minnie Mouse tumbler when I was in 3rd grade, but that doesn't count). There's this one time when my cousin, my brother and I have the same types of cellphones, they both lost their phones that all three of us had and they both changed to a more hi-tech type, I was stuck with the old one until I decided to change it since the camera can't work anymore. My brother has lost 2 of his old phones (and a wallet), and I'm blessed to say that I have never lost any of my phones, until last Sunday came around.

But just like any other losses I've been through, I've adjusted. I've had that phone for 2 years, and I really am not the type of person who like changing phones every now and then, although my friends have been telling me to change to a Blackberry since forever, I just haven't really considered changing, other than Blackberry's crazy amount of radiation, so I thought why contribute more to the ongoing global warming, right?! And I just can't imagine a phone without a Word Mobile application that can easily be sync-ed to my mac so I can edit my notes without any difficulty or such, I'm constantly typing in words that I turn into a blog post. And the first thing that popped in my mind when I was reaching for my phone in my bag that really made me cry is the fact that I have bunch of new posts that I haven't transferred to my mac, screw all the songs and pictures, although I have like 2 pictures inside of my memory card, and none of those pictures have me inside it, so of all the data in that phone, those data in my Word Mobile are the ones I considered most precious. (I know, my brother thought I've lost my mind)

Please oh please don't publish it to a book. I still feel something's missing whenever I open my eyes and reach under my pillow to write what I thought about in the middle of the night or whenever I have trouble sleeping and all I need is just Buble's voice singing me to sleep. To the person who took my phone, can you at least send me my memory card back? I promise I'll give you my charger, you can do whatever you want with my phone, just don't touch my Word Mobile.

Keep The FAITH

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