My Therapy

Alright, Mom, I'll try not to be glued to my phone 24/7. Don't blame me for having a brain that works nonstop! Literally, I feel like I'm thinking even when I'm sleeping. Maybe that's why I can't really close my eyes when I'm sleeping. Not that I sleep with my eyes wide open, it just can't seem to be shut properly, you know? As if I can't stop being awake. Okay, it's not as scary as it sounds!

But I really need to pour all my thoughts into my Word Mobile or I'll lose some important topics. Recently I lost one note that consists about 14 pages that I made in the middle of the night but my phone decided to go kablooey all of the sudden, and it got restarted so I lost the whole thing, and it's just weird how I can write it all back the next morning, not bad for someone forgetful like me! So I'll try to save those stuffs before going any further next time.

My Mom has been complaining about my habits lately, not that she didn't complain before, she does, she always has been, but it's like I've reached the climax, 'cause she thinks I'm texting like crazy, if only she knew she has a kid with an insane obsession with writing. Although it's not a newfound habit that I've created, but it is kind of more than just one matter that preoccupies one's brain, so a habit or a hobby is such an understatement. I'm on my phone whenever I have the time when I'm still awake, watching TV, eating my lunch, even when I brush my teeth. Maybe that's what's getting on my Mom's nerves. Maybe. Nyahaa. I mean, who wakes up at 8 in the morning on a Saturday to write on her notepad? I know it's not a 'thing' (since it's not a habit nor a hobby) that I'm proud of, but hey, see it this way, at least I'm gonna be blogging for the next 10 decades! So you better put me on your Bookmark! ;p

But writing on my Word Mobile is not half as fun as when I'm writing on my Mac. Especially afterwards, when I use the speech application, when there's this person that acts like a narrator that reads the whole note, it really does feel like it's a movie, a real movie! How cool would it be to be made into an existing, absolute movie! Yes, I know, too pompous for something less important like what I write. I'll stop at New York Times Best-Selling Author ;)

I found some messages on my Facebook inbox really sweet :) It's a great feeling to know that some people actually miss me blogging, or let's just say, me babbling about things here :p I mean, I'm never gonna be tired of saying this, but it does mean a lot to me, because I've been writing all this time with the least expectation of anyone would see it, and to be given the time or the effort (I call it an effort 'cause attempting to write my blog address or waiting for it to load is not easy as pie). So, thank you :) I promise to write as often as I could. Wait, I already have... I mean, I'll post them as often as I could :)


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Jessica Grace Wibowo said...

Nad you are rreeaaaallllyyyyyyy a good writer !!!!!
I adore youuuu ♥ ♥ ♥ :)

Jessica Grace Wibowo said...

Maksudnya gimana sih neng ? Gw jadi bingung. Ini kisah siapa ??

Nadia Juliana said...

Ahhh Jejes Marijesss bisa ajaaa :p:p:p Bingung yang mananya tah? Ini kisah saya kokkk :D:D:D

Jessica Grace Wibowo said...

Eh sorryyyyy nad itu yg komen kedua tadinya gw lagi ngomen di blog lain, knp nyasar kepost di tempat lu yah ? HAHAHA. Sorry2 ;)
Komen buat lu itu yg atas sayangs :):):) xx