It Takes Two to Tango

I know some people are good with lyrics, some paint to express themselves, some with words, and I guess I fall into that category, I write because I have something to write about, my intention is as simple as that, not because I expect people to even read it, so honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I really thank those who even gave the time to read and those who even comment here on facebook or on my blog (besides Twitter. I felt like it's becoming a daily diary too). And personally, to me this has become a regular thing for me and what I write is also personal, what's close to the heart, that's why I deleted some of my friends on facebook, I just don't want to open up to some random people, so I just want to have a word without even saying a word, you know? (sorry if that confuses you) 'Cause I do feel like it would make you know me so much better, almost like an unspoken conversation that is written. I know I might not be the only person to have experience all this I'm about to talk about, so if some people chose to not share it to the world, I'm the exact opposite, I'm willing to speak up :)

I've been mislead so may times I can't even remember how much. Or was it just me that's bad in interpreting signals? I've never been the person to say the word love easy, 'cause I love to take my time, and I mean really take my time. What is there to rush, right? You can say I have trust issues, I don't mind, because frankly that's how I am, so why deny something that is one part of who I am, I might be stubborn at times but I would definitely admit if something is true.

It would be such a lie for me not to confess, I did regret some of the decisions I took in the past. There is one who showed his feelings too early, that I honestly haven't even thought about growing any feelings towards him just yet, so I think things too rushed are just not good. Easy come, easy go, remember? There's one that had no feelings towards me at all and yet I fell for him so hard so fast. There's one that was heading towards that direction, yet he took it as just some kind of game. There's one who just liked the chase, there's one who put me as an option, meaning if he doesn't get me as his girl, he has a bunch others in his closet that he can just pick and go out with. One that I fell head over heels for yet he make me feel like I'm invisible. One who made me a rebound, and one who thinks money can go a long way. Really? At this era? Sad, shallow guy. It's not about how many guys who came in and out of your life, it's how deep a guy has been a part of your life. Same goes to friendship, there can be a ton of friends, but those close to the heart are a few.

I know my friends think that I can come across as mean to guys, and I never even wanna hurt anybody, but I just say it like it is. If there's no sparks, and if I know that there's never going to be, then I'll be straight up, I don't want to keep a guy guessing, because I know I don't like to be kept guessing, and quite frankly I'm bad at making things up, ask my brother, he knows that so well. I just don't like a guy who tries too much, I want everything to flow, I don't need forced impressions, I just want everything to fall into place. And maybe surprises won't hurt, 'cause as much as I hate crushing on my own best friend, sometimes it happens, and there's nothing I can do about it. Bottom end, I think what matters is that you can talk for hours without running out of conversations. Someone you can have long and deep talks to, but also someone who adds a dose of humor so you really look forward to talk to him. So, girls, when you're asking, "What are you doing right now?" every 2 minutes then you know there's nothing there.

No people are created bad, and I believe there are no bad guys, they just grew up in the middle of all the wrong people, or they make ridiculous kinds of decisions, or they just can't resist any other temptations. In short, nobody is a bad person, they're just good people who took the wrong path. That's why I always take my time, because as time goes, I see how stupid I was to even consider that guy as an option. I just happen to find out how their true characters are, before taking it further to more than just friends. It's not just like any ordinary gut feeling, it's so much powerful than that, and it surprises me every time whenever I found out that it's true. Well, what can I say, it runs in the family ;)



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