A Saturday Morning Thought

And how can you truly forgive, if you never forget?

It's not that I hold grudge against people who hurt me. But why does it still give me a 'punch in the heart' every time someone brings it up and ask me about it?

I think no matter how many times we tell others how we've gotten over something, somehow deep down it's still there, the pain relives itself. And no matter how many times we say we got our invulnerability ready of change, we just never get used to losing people. Especially when that person left a special mark in our life.

The hardest part about moving on is picking up the pieces and throwing it all away. Oh no, wait, and also having to start all over again. I question God sometimes. And I think it's something we all can relate to, because we go through this phase too at one point or another. I question if there's really going to be a guy who's worth all the mishaps I've went through, having none of them getting to a point where I make it official, and stuck in a cycle which is meeting someone- being friends, going somewhere and have to go back to the first step all over. But someday there would be this one guy who makes all this questions sound stupid, to make all the pain worth something, to make the tears actually worth shedding.


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