To tell, or not to tell...

Sometimes the truth is not always pretty, but it just has to be told. And I appreciate honesty, even when I don't agree with 'em sometimes. I saw a few blogs recently that posted thoughts about 20 things they want the other gender to know about theirs. And it's interesting to know what others have to say, because there can never be the same thought. There might be similar opinion, but never the same thought. Because 2 people can read the same book and come up with different summaries. And that's what's interesting about the human mind.

I made this up from all the stories that I heard from friends that have had or are in a relationship (considering I have no experience whatsoever, please excuse me if there's anything I wrote that could possibly be wrong). But hey, hope this is something you'd see and make you go, "Hmmm, that is (sort of) true..." So here's my version about 20 things girls want guys to know!

1. We just don't like being rushed. Don't rush us to love you, because those sorts of feelings are not something we can create, it just happens. So if you keep pushing us to do so, then nothing's ever going to happen.

2. We would appreciate it if you don't tell us who to go out with, where to go to, or what time we should be home. We have our curfews, we know the limits. My parents don't make it a big deal, so shouldn't you.

3. "Up to you," or "Don't know," are such a turn off whenever we ask you questions we really need for you to answer. It could have piss us off real bad!

4. If we say, "No sex," then we mean "I'm keeping it for my husband." Some girls, like me, have standards in life. Respect that.

5. Tell us your dreams. We are good listeners, trust us. We're not gonna laugh at your wildest dream like your guys would. Unless when your dream is to sleep with Scarlett Johansson.

6. Never EVER compare us to your ex(es). We're our own person, and it's better off if you let us know that we are so much better than your last(s).

7. Compliments are essentials! Lots and lots of it. If we say, "Oh, stop!" We actually meant, "Go on..." ;)

8. We don't look at other guys from head to toe whenever we're going out with you. So appreciate our presence, will 'ya?

9. We have a hard time getting over a guy whenever we're done with one guy, and it hurts us whenever you move on quickly after you're done with us (which most likely would happen)

10. We know you're not mind readers, but silent treatments, shoulder shrugs, tears, yelling, or nasty looks-- all add up to... YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG! What more signs could you possibly need?!

11. "I was wrong," beats the heck out of any three words you say every single day! Which are 'I love you', 'I miss you' or 'I need you.' (In some cases, of course...)

12. If you're about to do something stupid, we would like for you to consider if it's something that would like to be done towards your Mom or lil' sis, then maybe you'd think twice!

13. Anything you do or say to another girl that you wouldn't want us to know about is considered cheating.

14. We don't like it if you act differently or be a jerk around your friends.

15. No girl would ever want to only be your "friend with benefits."

16. If you don't want us to expect you that you read minds, then don't expect us to be, too! Telling us your true feelings would make a world difference :)

17. Open the door for us, lead the way when we're in crowded places, or cook for us-- I don't know, think of something creative, because as much as we like everything well planned, sometimes surprises don't hurt ;)

18. We fully understand that you are a human with feelings, show it to us! Crying is okay every once in a while, you don't need to always keep your guards up every time.

19. We know you're funny and all, but having serious talks about the future can make us fall head over heels too, you know.

20. Don't expect us to be perfect when you have issues yourself.

And an addition from me is that not all girls like to dress up and wear make-up every time. I enjoy my Converse and tee-plus-jeans most of the time, so don't expect all of us to be exactly the same ;) We're different and beautiful in our own ways, and if you got a problem with that, then honestly, it really is your loss. Haha!


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