To a Mother and a Grandmother

Everything in this world are well-planned. Life, love, and also-- death. 28th May was a public holiday, yet it was anything but the day we look forward to. Oma was picked up by the angels to heaven, but sadly I didn't get to say my last goodbye.

I can never thank God enough for choosing such good timing. It was a Friday, also a public holiday and in the morning, so that everyone had no trouble coming to her funeral. Just like everything else in her life, everything happened by His grace.

Raising 13 kids by her own was not easy, not even back in the days. My grandfather died of cancer when my mom (eleventh out of the thirteen kids) was only 5. She was able to still live with such tight budget and none of her kids ended up somewhere under a bridge. She didn't remarry, she was faithful to my grandfather until she was buried above his grave. Truly an Until-Death-Do-Us-Part scenario :')

She might not be with me now, but the memories that I shared with her will always live forever. Like back in the days where I always go to her house right after church and smell the home-made grilled chicken that she always prepares, or the first plane trip to Australia that I get to experience with her, and the list goes on...

I'm blessed to have such a strong grandmother, and I'm thankful that even at the last days of her life, she still have the power to smile through the days. And one day we'll meet again, Oma, we will :')



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