Wishful Thinking

I know everyone has their own world inside their head, and we wander off in it. Sometimes we don't let others to know about it, because we simply don't want to let it show. Sometimes we argue inside our head, we wish for what according to us is right, but sometimes reality doesn't let that happen.

That's why you give in or give up, because reality is not always what we want it to be. But there's nothing wrong with being hopeful, to have a little faith. Even when life knocks you down on the ground, sometimes the real challenge is to get back on your feet and stand tall above it all.

I used to hate birthdays, even I spent last year's birthday crying in bed. Something is never right on my birthday. Plus, I feel like as I get older, my problems get more complicated. Each year just proves to me that the more guys I meet, the worse they get by the year. Endless, I know. Honestly, it gets so tiring.

And I miss this. I miss blogging. Now that I have no one I can pour anything and whatever to, I feel like cyber-world is an alternative. Sounds pathetic, huh? How it seems I can trust anyone anymore... But that's just the awful truth.

People said I became more quiet this year, which is pretty weird 'cause I feel like I still talk as much as I used to, but I do get a little more reticent, which makes me picky of the topic I talk about. But that's life, right, how the more things change around you, the more things seem to stay the same.

Bottom line, I got nothing to complain about. This life is far from perfect, and definitely from a happily ever after, but I'm on my way.

"... and I'm on my way to believing"
-- The Only Exception, Paramore


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