In A Blink Of An Eye

I know I haven't blog since forever and so I hope this can pay my blogging debts. Well, maybe some of it ;p So let's get straight to the point, for some of you that didn't know, I recently became the Brand Ambassador slash Female Presenter for Mercedes Benz Indonesia, pretty tough job, I have to say, since the name itself intimidates me! I also found out that Luna Maya started her career being one as well! Oh, if you're wondering how I got the gig, well let me explain you a little bit about it :)

I did an interview in its head office, first time I went in was just a regular interview and the second call I received, they told me that they want me to do a presentation. I didn't hope much since I thought, "Well, they know that I'm 17 (I was still 17 when I did the interview), they must've not taken me seriously." But long story short, I got the job (whoooo hoooo! Thank God for that :D), so basically all you do is go to events and parties, not a bad job indeed. My first (real) event was the International Motor Show.

So, the event is pretty big, I saw billboards and huge ads on magazines for the event so it made me kinda nervous. I got trained for a couple of days to know about the brand, about the cars, et cetera. Mercedes prepared every thing from scratch, make-up and hairdo, uniforms (or so called costumes), and also killer heels-- they literally kill your blood veins, seriously!!!

Basically, I just have to present the car which is shown in the exhibition every 1 hour, and there's 5 cars in the exhibition, I work 5 hours per shift, 5 Brand Ambassadors per shift, so I basically have to present the car once and the other 4 hours I spend with taking gazillions of pictures next to the car, well minus the 1 hour break, so that made my job easier ;p

I have to wake up at about 5-6ish for 10 days, make-up & hairdo start at 7 or 8 in the morning. Dread in those 12 cm heels and smile all day long! So Mercedes hired people from Frameworks, which basically teach you how to stand properly, walk properly, be a good presenter, just like John Robert Powers which is popular in Jakarta, the people sent for the job are Robert and Adam which I think they're more like clowns rather than trainers. Mercedes has a name for us Brand Ambassadors, they call us the Mercedes Diva, that's pretty cool, I have to say, because the dress and make-up and hair really did paint the word 'glam.' I don't mind taking pictures and all, in fact I love every minute of it! The only thing that bothered me was the heels. They hurt like hell. And every time I take it off, my fingers felt numb.

The fun part was meeting the people that came there. I can see their mouths moving and comment about every thing and anything!!! I love it when they approach to me and talk to me about the smallest things, like "Aren't you tired of smiling the whole day?" which I found is quite funny! :p The flashes of the camera were quite blinding, especially the lighting there is pretty bright. I wonder how celebs in Hollywood deal with the never-ending camera flashes by the paparazzi. Oh I just remembered something sweet, there's this one person that came to me and said, "You know, every one came here to take pics of you instead of the car because they think the accessory right here is not you, but the car." I paused for a while and said, "Awww, that's so sweet of you!!!" :p

Met tons of nice photographers that took amazing pictures! Saw the results on their camera and I asked them to send the pictures to my e-mail. The photographers had a good eye on the angle and lighting and all, so the good pictures you see were really because of the professional photogs :) There's one who worked for the popular local newspaper, for TV, and I also met a photographer that did a spread for Vogue Australia. Pretty awesome, huh :) Well, I haven't ran out of ideas, but I'm going to continue on another post, this post is long enough I suppose :p Enjoy the pictures :D

Early morning make-up time... 3-|
Make-up and hair... DONE!!! :D
Someone actually said my lips looked like Jolie's :S Creeeeepy.
At the messy locker room! Oh how I had tons of memories here! LOL
And also, fyi, not that I'm trying to be rude by saying this, but so you know, my boobies are not that big, but since the costume would look weird with my normal boobs, they had to 'stuff' it so that it would look goooood :p
Credits to Mr. Galih for taking an amazing picture! Love it :)
Left to right:
Me, Yolanda, Tika, Shavira and Anita
7 out of 10 divas! I'm the youngest, fyi :p
Left to right:
Yolanda, Shavira, Me, Uwie, Gloria, Anita, Sania
Credits to Mr. Luki Halim! Thank you very much, definite favorite!!! :D

I love how people come close and I can see the expressions on their faces thinking, "Wow, that's amazing!" The car is sick, I have to be honest. I was assigned to present and take pictures with the SLS AMG, which is the most expensive out of the 5 cars in the exhibition. It costs about half a million dollars, and Mercedes sold about 20 units! Which made me think, "Hmm, what crisis are we dealing with exactly?" HAHAHA.
With a maximum 317 km/h, 571 horse power, and 6208 cc, this car is totally unbelievable! It's truly any guy's wildest dream.

Oh, if you didn't know, I was talking about the car, not me...

Until next time!!! :)


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