And Perfect Is Just Another Opinion...

It's tough to describe what perfect means. Since none of us can really experience the meaning of this word, maybe all we have to do is let the word be. Today is Mom's 48th birthday, and trust me-- she's anything but perfect.

I wish I'm the kind of girl who can say that my Mom is my rock or I can talk each and every thing to. Or she's the kind of person you look up to, or you can just call 'my best friend.' But I can't. I'm not that type of person. I'm not the closest person to her, even though I'm the smallest of two, and only daughter, honestly I don't trust her as much.

It's not that we have something between us, we just never get along that well. I mean, of course we communicate and I respect her, and we love each other and all, we just don't make each other priorities, not like my brother who's so much closer to me than I am to my Mother.

When I was still in her womb, she had a thought of 'not having me.' She even told the doctor about it, and thank God the doctor had some common sense and insisted her to keep me. And to be honest, I was scarred by that thought; by what my Mom had in mind. And I love my Dad for telling her that he wants to keep me.

I'm jealous of how people wherever, in real life or on TV keep saying "My Mom made my dreams possible because she's been through every obstacle with me," when slowly and surely my Mom discourage on what I want in life, and even who I want to be a part of in someone else's life-- meaning guys. That's why I don't really give her much info on which guys I'm close to or whatever.

But I've learned to forgive and even move on from that dark phase of my life, I'm glad to say that I'm in a good place with her now. All those only by His abundant grace :)


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