Friends... Forever?

People say it's sad to see those loved ones change. Me, personally, I don't believe in change. I just believe in two possibilities. First possibility, they grew up, and growing up is something we cannot prevent from happening. As time flies, it will happen anyway. Second possibility, they found out who their true selves are. And sometimes we just can't accept and not okay with it that we decide to erase them from our lives, or they slowly grow apart from us.
I experienced it firsthand-- and I've experienced it a few times. Quite a few that I learned a lot from every thing that had happened. I don't find it unfortunate since I know that every bit of my life was planned well before I even existed in this world.

But sometimes you miss those people, because no matter how much you convince yourself that they would never go back the way they used to, sometimes you still wish it would happen. Like my best friend, or former best friend to be exact. We used to have tons of fun together. We rarely argue, and we can talk about every thing and anything because I trusted her. Always fun to be around, 'this-friendship-would-last-forever' scenario. But she found her true self that I don't like. She started becoming reckless, kind of insecure I suppose. Money became her priority and was blinded by the lights. I guess it's true how Oprah once said, "If you come to fame not knowing who you are, it will define you."

Is it really worth all the fame? Would you really give up everything to become famous? I guess it depends on each person's opinion. In my opinion, you can still become famous by staying on the right track. I mean, not to brag or anything, but for instance, I was once offered to become the lead role of a horror movie in Indonesia, and you know how movies in Indonesia are (and I'm saying this in the least cocky way possible), sometimes it's how you want to be remembered as, what do you think is more important? Quality, or quantity (note: referring to money)? I was told numerous times to do soap operas, but deep down, my guts said to me, it's not my thing actually. A good friend of mine, who happens to be a casting director, once said to me, "It's easy to make money in Indonesia, if you have a pretty face, go become a soap opera star, that's real good money. But if you want to be remembered as a better actress, do movies that will only appear in the cinema, but be selective about what you want to do, just think of it this way, "What do you want to be remembered as? A money-making actress, or a true actress with talent?"" And that has been the only thing that kept me going ever since. Quality, or quantity is the real question.

On a much lighter note, I want to show you someone I'm really proud to call my friend, Sonia Eryka. She was recently featured in Swedish biggest fashion magazine, Sofie Mode. No surprise why she was featured actually, she has amazing sense of style, she owns a boutique, sings, and still have time to write blogs as well! True wonderwoman ;) And she is someone who'll reply your Tweets, and still listen to you when you talk about anything to her ;) Find her on her YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, and not to forget, Online Boutique! Find out what makes her tick on her blog too!

Bottom line, everyone have best friends ('cause if you don't, you must be living in some lonely, sad, and crazy world), it's just a matter of time whether you'll realize if they're going to be a part of you forever, or in a nick of time.


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