A Good ID Is A Good Idea

Saw that quote when I was with my brother, cousin, and friend in 711 yesterday. Then I was suddenly inspired to write stuffs that have been in my mind for a while.

Having your own identity. To be inspired and wanting to copy are two very different things. The difference is significant. To be inspired is seeing something, got something out of it, make another thing from it, but totally make it your own. To copy is just basically taking something from someone and not have your own signature on it.

And I just kept hearing people telling me that there are some people who tried to write the way I write, or just use words that I use on my blog. I don't mind really, 'cause I'm like, "Oh, okay, recognition, that's good right." But what's bothering me is that it's starting to feel like my identity is being rubbed off of me. I mean, really, people, my blogs are not something that I give much thought about, they're just words that I express whenever my mind is not capable of keeping things inside anymore, this is my only outlet.

A few days ago someone asked me permission to copy my post and put it to hers. Well, it's not the first time this person who asked me permission was caught in action. I even have print screens of her copying the exact same Tweets of mine. Not even some fancy quotes or statements, just ordinary Tweets. Now that's kinda out of the line. She promised that if I gave her the permission to copy my blog, she'll give full credit to me, but it' not about the credit, it's far more than that. She said, "May I put your Last Post post on my blog? I swear I'll give you a proper credit." Well, that's kind of a relief. She informally admits that she has been copying and not giving me full credit. I personally don't think it's a big deal so I let her. However, what my friend said to me about me letting her copy my blog make me stop and think. "You can say yes and see if she's going to keep her words when she said she's going to give you full credit. Or you should say no because what you wrote was personal. You know what, don't give her the permit. She's pathetic. This comes from the heart, not a thing you'd like to replicate. That's my input though, you should decide yourself in the end."

I gave her the permit not because I want to test her or anything, it's because I feel it's fine if she could relate to what I talk about, I don't mind. But it's also true that what I wrote was personal, so how could you feel the exact same feelings that I went through, or say the same things that I say. The human mind is broad. Two people can watch the same movie and come up with different conclusions. I asked my friend if I'm mean for letting this all out. (Sometimes I wish I'm not always this considerate, 'cause sometimes when I don't say what I truly feel, I'm the only one who's hurt and I'm the only person to blame.) "Don't think you're being mean because I don't even understand why you don't have the will to tell who this person is. I mean, hello, get your own identity, please." I don't like bringing people down, that's just not me. So, take this as a compliment that I don't reveal your true identity. (Okay, it's not Batman or Superman, really, don't try to find out :p) I mean, thanks for liking my blog and all, that's flattering, but the way I write should be something that shows my identity, so if you could please make something your own, that'll be great.


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